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Massage Therapy

The Jackson Wellness Center is pleased to partner with Exhale to provide massage and bodywork services to our guests! Exhale's goal is to empower you to take control of your wellness. Whether you need to chill and de-stress, address chronic or acute pain issues, learn to move in a way that benefits your body, or a combination of all three, we’ve got you covered.

Traditional Massage

Each session at Exhale is customized to fit the needs that the client brings to the table on any given day. Discuss with your therapist what your goals are for the session and she will tailor your session with the perfect combination of Swedish (gliding and kneading strokes), deep tissue (slower deeper work), trigger point therapy and/or lymphatic drainage to meet those goals.


Each bodywork session begins with a postural and gait assessment. This provides the therapist with a roadmap of the underlying structural patterns that may be causing discomfort and lack of function. As a person places demands on the body, especially after injury and overuse, the body can produce inefficient body mechanics resulting in thickened and dehydrated fascial tissue which decreases in glide in one or more areas. This decreased glide can disrupt other whole body movements and can lead to overuse problems (pain) somewhere quite distant from the original dysfunctional area.

Visceral Work

Visceral Manipulation therapy is a gentle hand-on approach that restores glide to supporting ligaments and tendons of the digestive organs. From the simplest movement such as breathing to more complex movements involved in sports it is imperative that the internal parts of the body are able to move freely. Over time, movement can become restricted, sometimes quite gradually and without notice, causing the body to further tighten and compensate to prevent damage. The result can be pain (not necessarily in/near the organs themselves but in the back or neck) that seemingly is not helped by traditional methods because the therapist has not addressed the root of the issue.

Click here to learn more about massage and bodywork by Exhale!

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