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Fit3D ProScanner

The Fit3D ProScanner is a state-of-the-art body composition scanner that delivers fast and accurate assessments to help you meet your goals. The Fit3D utilizes 3D Avatar technology to help users visualize their current body composition, and create a plan to achieve their ideal body composition. Results from your body scan are available on your phone and computer, where you can view your complete body composition results, track your progress, and watch your own 3D avatar transform!

Talk to our staff today about getting scanned!

•    Full 3D body scan in 35 seconds
•    Track body composition over time
•    Get all your body measurements
•    Full posture assessment
•    Private results right to your phone

3D Avatars.PNG

3D Avatars

  • Shows what the body actually looks like and how the body is changing over time.

  • Every avatar comes with circumference measurements and body fat percentages.

Body Composition

  • Accurate predictions on lean mass and fat mass.

  • Comparison to other Fit3D users of the same gender and similar age.

Body Composition.PNG

Circumference Measurements

  • Consistent and fast measurements.

  • Captures hundreds of measurements so you can easily track progress over time.



  • Shows a 2D outline of how you compare with yourself.

Health Score.PNG

Health Score

  • Health score metric is based on your body shape proportional to visceral fat, called your Body Shape Rating.

Posture & Balance

  • Tracks posture and balance for aesthetics and injury prevention.



  • Basal Metabolic Rate shows how the body burns calories at your resting state.

  • Essential for those focusing on nutrition or weight loss.

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