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Occupational Health and Employee Wellbeing

Wellness Works is an Occupational Health and Employee Wellness program provided by Jackson Hospital & Clinic, serving businesses in the River Region and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to promoting the vitality of all businesses in our community by improving the health and well-being of their employees.


Our program is backed by the multi-disciplinary services, expertise and experience of our hospital and clinic teams and streamlined through your personal Corporate Health Consultant to help employers achieve these goals within the workplace. Our deep community roots in the Montgomery area allow us to make appropriate referrals when necessary, so your employees can get the care they need, and get safely back to work. 

Employers who enroll in the Wellness Works program are setup with the following support (available 24/7/365 by calling Service Coordination at 888-977-3319:

  • Work comp injury processing through our emergency department and occupational clinic with post-accident drug screen reporting and employee patient management.

  • Pre-employment and post-injury occupational medicine clinic services.

  • Worksite wellness programing, health and safety events and talks, onsite health screenings.

  • Option to participate in the Corporate Membership benefits with Jackson Wellness Center.

Corporate Membership to the Jackson Wellness Center

  • Population Management & Reporting

    • Through membership at the Jackson Wellness Center, employees can take part in a comprehensive online health risk assessment. The assessments return deidentified data of your employee population for analyzing and determining key health measures and ROI wellness opportunities. Risk assessments also aid the individual employee by providing educational tools, games, videos, and incentives to promote improvement in their “at-risk” categories.

  • Fit3D Biometrics Monitoring

    • Members of Jackson Wellness Center have full access to the Fit3D body scanner which provides a comprehensive 3D image of the body along with biometrics and in-depth analysis of those biometrics with coaching to aid Members to make informed health and wellness goals and track their progress.

  • Group Exercise Classes

    • A huge part of Membership to Jackson Wellness Center is our robust group exercise class schedule that fits all fitness levels and age groups, providing a great range from cardiovascular exercise to meditative and low-impact and gentle range of motion classes from our nationally certified group fitness instructors.

  • Health Education Programs

    • We bring health education to everyone in an easy-to-participate and judge free environment. From smoking cessation to childbearing and breastfeeding classes, diabetes education to meditation 101, we cover all the areas that matter to the Members’ overall health and wellness.

  • Incentive Programs & Challenges

    • The Member Wellness Portal not only provides a comprehensive and actionable health risk assessment tool, it also provides a platform for employees to engage in community or peer-to-peer challenges and incentive campaigns designed by you, the employer. Want to encourage more steps per day, or drinking more water, or more mental breaks? Great! We’ll set it up and run it with your reward system of choice and exactly how you want it to run. Employees can sync their fitness tracker of choice, and you’re ready to promote better health and wellness!

  • Comprehensive Onsite Health Events (*Reduced room fees and provider costs)

    • With the power and backing of Jackson Hospital and Clinic and hosted in the setting of a community health and wellness facility, we are able to provide a central and easy access location for your employee health events. Let us know what health initiatives you’d like to promote and what screenings you would like to provide, and we’ll coordinate the rest! From engaging games, challenges, giveaways, and entertainment, we can find the right fit to meet your employee population’s needs. Ask your Corporate Health Consultant about all the services available to meet your company’s needs. *Any additional fees will be at a reduced rate in appreciation for maintaining a Corporate Membership with the Jackson Wellness Center.

  • Corporate Health Consultant

    • All of these Corporate Membership benefits are made possible through your very own Corporate Health Consultant in coordination with Jackson Wellness Center.


Through regular engagement and screenings, we can identify and address issues early on. We work with your HR and safety teams to create tailored programs to inspire employees to take ownership of their health. With our comprehensive and holistic approach to employee health, your company will be able to utilize health data in a meaningful way to benefit your company and build happier, healthier, and more productive teams.


*We protect covered health and medical information as required by HIPAA and all applicable state laws.

To learn more about Corporate Wellness Programs, click here.

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