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Group Fitness Classes

Group fitness classes are taught by certified fitness instructors and are included with membership.

Indoor Cycle

Instructors Choice… Come for a great workout and ready to SWEAT!

Wheel Results

Jump on a bike and take a real ride inside! CLIMB up a hill, SPRINT down a hill… all to heart pumping music that’ll IGNITE your body with intervals designed to TORCH calories in a RACE to REACH your fitness goals

Turbo Kickboxing

This is an interval-based workout for all levels that is fun, exciting and powerful!

Power Sculpt

A great way to define, sculpt and build lean muscle. Focuses on intense isolation exercises with free weights and resistance, ending with abs. All-Levels.

Track Intervals

For those who want to get their miles in! You will combine walking or running with strength intervals and a big stretch at the end. Depending on your speed you will get at least 2 miles (26 laps) but you’re welcome to go for more!

Active Aging

Have fun and move to the music while improving strength and range of motion for everyday life. (Chair available.)

Yoga Stretch

A deeply restorative practice focusing on longer holds and total-body stretches. This class provides a calm and relaxing space to let go of tension, focus on your breath, and let all your stresses fall away. All-levels and beginner-friendly.

Slow Flow

Combination of healthy alignment and the freedom to play within familiar and new poses. From beginners to seasoned practitioners, this class hopes to broaden the range of capabilities of each person through the instruction of alignment and breath.

Fit Troops

Reap the benefits of this ultimate calorie burning workout through challenging cardiovascular and resistance training.


Three different formats in one class. Instructor’s choice but always consists of both cardio and strength.


Hybrid workout class - combining ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training.

Low Impact

Intervals of light cardio and light sculpting are combined making this class perfect for the person who wants a lighter workout, the mature exerciser, new timers, or someone recovering from injuries.

All Levels Yoga

A slow-paced flow with a focus on the foundations of postures. The class has a combination of mobility, strength, and alignment drills.

Step Circuit

Includes cardio bouts punctuated by strength moves. Maximize your results in a Step Circuit class! Burn fat fast with high intensity intervals. Start the burn with body-blasting sculpting and calorie-crushing cardio bursts.

Stretch Out and Strengthen Up

A class designed to strengthen and stretch your muscles from head to toe. A full body workout using active and static stretching as well as functional moves that increase stability, strength and range of motion.

Cardio Blast

Dance-based cardio class designed to get you grooving to fresh, funky & popular hits! The aerobic style of this class will be sure to keep your heart rate up. Get fit and sculpted with this fun and exciting class!

Power Hour

A combination of Tabata’s, functional strength training, and stations.

Tai Chi

It involves a series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner and accompanied by deep breathing. A noncompetitive, self-paced system of gentle physical exercise and stretching. Each posture flows into the next without pause, ensuring that your body is in constant motion.

Yoga Sculpt

This class is a total body workout designed to sculpt every major muscle group by combining yoga postures with weights and cardio. Sculpt Yoga is a great compliment to your regular yoga practice.


A strengthening and lengthening form of exercise that works to tone all muscle groups with a specific emphasis on the core. The low impact movements in a Pilates class work to build strength, tone muscles, and create long, lean body lines.

Dynamic Flow

Open to all levels designed to keep you moving and breathing throughout the duration of the class. A powerful vinyasa flow yoga class, building both strength and flexibility throughout! Classes finish with a focus on the breath and relaxation to gather the benefits of physical work.

TRX 101

Make "you" the toughest machine yet! A total body workout with strong core emphasis, using the TRX suspension system. All levels Welcome!

TRX Plus

Each session incorporates TRX suspension strength training combined with dynamic bodyweight exercises to strengthen, tone and shred. Intermediate to advanced level.


Lighter workout that incorporates cardio, upper/lower body strength, balance and stretching.

Power Sculpt

A great way to define, sculpt and build lean muscle. Focuses on intense isolation exercises with free weights and resistance, ending with abs. All-Levels.

Jungle Body

An easy-to-follow, mood elevating fusion of boxing, dance, and sculpting. Designed to be super inclusive for all shapes, ages, sizes and even those with two left feet!

Cardio Combo

Combinations of cardio intervals interspersed with strength work.


‘If you can clap it, you can dance it’ you choose your own intensity by adding optional plyometric movements, light weights, heavy weights, or simply keeping your workout low impact. Come join the fun!!



Interval training that combines bodyweight and strength training with aerobic elements. Participants get the calorie-burning benefits of high-intensity cardio, combined with strength training elements to sculpt muscle and build strength.

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